XO Alambic.

It's about agriculture.  It's about alchemy.  It's about time. 

The Figgins Reciprocator 

   A true workhorse at the heart of XO Alambic is an innovative distillation apparatus.  The Figgins Reciprocator is a dual-kettle pot still with optional column distillation action, making it a hybrid of the two.  It is constructed of copper and stainless steel, has a capacity of 2000 liters and is heated by low-pressure steam.  The Figgins Reciprocator design is a real advance in craft distillation, is causing quite a sensation.  The very first factory model is installed at XO Alambic and now many are in service around the country.  Be sure to ask the master distiller for a description of how it works, which is one of the highlights of each and every tour given!