XO Alambic.

It's about agriculture.  It's about alchemy.  It's about time. 

Scythe & Sheaf ancient-grains whisky ~ 750 ml


Scythe & Sheaf Ancient Grains represents a New American style of whisky.  It took two years to conceptualize and eight years to create.  

Gleaning knowledge from Grant County organic farmer Rene Featherstone, much was learned about emmer and spelt grains (also called  farro ), the ancient antecedents to modern wheat.  

Combined with ancient cereal rye and maize, and a generous helping of sprouted barley, a rich wort was brewed, fermented, distilled and matured for a full eight years ~ the final six months of which were finished in French oak (Allier) barrels that had previously been used for late harvest Sémillon wine.

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