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Scythe & Sheaf single-malt whisky ~ 750 ml


A Washington-born malt whisky, Scythe & Sheaf at eight years old is also Washington's most mature single malt.

Crafted predominantly from Washington-Select pale-ale malt, with chocolate, crystal and caramel malts also appearing in the maltbill, this single-malt whisky exhibits notes of toffee, nut and chocolate and apricot.

Owing to the whisky having been finished for six months in freshly emptied late-harvest Sémillon casks, a discrete sweetness made this malt whisky complete.

The review by The Whiskey Wash  summed it up this way:

Scythe & Sheaf single malt "is a rich, mellow whisky that lives very much in the Speyside/Cognac realm: rounded, cohesive; prizing harmony and integration over massive flavor intensity....this whisky is well and intentionally made, with a clear point of view and distinctive story.

4.5 / 5.0"

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